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Breast Augmentation at Modern


Breast Augmentation at Modern

If you’re contemplating breast augmentation, Modern Plastic Surgery Miami stresses the need for thorough information before deciding. We provide essential details for your awareness before proceeding.

It’s crucial to ascertain whether this intervention is timely for you. Ensure absolute certainty on a personal, aesthetic, and professional level before considering a visit to the operating room.

What you shoul know!

Is the YES overwhelming and resounding? Well, it’s time to start searching for a certified specialist and wow, the obstacle has been overcome, because here at Modern we have a team of elite professionals with extensive experience in this procedure, not to mention the attractive prices. and payment facilities.

An essential step is to carry out a preoperative check-up, and we now have a pack of exhaustive tests ready to determine whether you are in ideal condition to undertake the surgery. Be careful, no cigarettes or alcoholic beverages at least two weeks before and after it.

Phases of Your Breast Augmentation Journey

Now it’s time to select the type and size of implants – a crucial decision impacting post-surgery appearance and comfort. Your chosen plastic surgeon will guide you through a personalized process, considering your needs, physical characteristics, lifestyle, health, and expectations.

Keep in mind that the choice of breast implant size isn’t solely based on personal preferences. Once you’re ready, it’s action time! Surgery is completed, and the recovery phase begins. Your surgeon will provide recommendations for the initial weeks, ensuring a smooth process.

Returning to your routine post-breast augmentation should be gradual, monitored through scheduled check-ups. You may experience swelling, tightness, and bruising, with discomfort while raising your arms in the first days – analgesics are recommended.

Generally, rest for the first 5-7 days after surgeries involving prostheses, with a potential return to regular activities a week after leaving the operating room. Modern emphasizes having realistic expectations for the intervention, ensuring harmony with your body’s overall aesthetics.

Modern Plastic Surgery Miami underscores the importance of realistic expectations. Achieve harmonious voluptuousness with your body, guided by our excellent medical team in comfortable facilities, making aesthetic dreams a reality. Beauty above all begins at Modern.

Explore the allure of transformation with our financing options at Modern: Care Credit, Alphaeon, United Credit. We believe in making beauty accessible, offering convenient financing solutions for all our procedures. Your aesthetic journey is within reach – unlock the possibilities today.

Modern Plastic Surgery Miami
Modern Plastic Surgery Miami


Modern Plastic Surgery Miami

From top board-certified surgeons to luxury treatments for celebrities, Modern Plastic Surgery Miami is the preferred choice for stunning, artistically crafted results.

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